This is not Rolling Stones’ Rio concert, this is HDP’s election rally in Izmir

HDP's co-chair addressing more than one hundred thousand supporters in coastal city of Izmir in western Anatolia

KDN – Pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) held its Izmir rally at Gündogdu square with the attendance of more than one hundred thousand supporters, Turkish media report.

Following its successful election rallies in the Kurdish cities of Antep, Adiyaman and Malatya, HDP has continued its election campaing in western Turkish city of Izmir. Speaking to hundreds of thousands of supporters, HDP co-chair Demirtas called on voters of Izmir to vote for his party and promised to stop Erdogan’s dictatorship at any price.
The election campaign is not fair” Demirtas said. “The ruling party is using taxpayers money and the means of state while campaigning which his party does not enjoy due to AKP’s dictatorial policies.” If you want to stop this dictatorship, if you want to support the co-existence of peoples, peace and a secular life, the HDP is the only answer”he added.

Greek Syriza party's representative Pantos Trigazis
Greek Syriza party’s representative Pantos Trigazis

Greek Syriza party’s foreign affairs representative Pantos Trigazis attended the rally to show solidarity with the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party. Trigazis, as a special guest, greeted the crowd and delivered the message of Greek people in a short speech at the rally.

Demirtas Izmir rally02
A survey conducted by Konda shows pro Kurdish HDP with 11.5 percent of the vote, passing the ten percent national threshold needed to enter parliament. According to Konda, support for the ruling AK Party dropping to 40.5 percent from 49.8 percent at the last general election in 2011, the main opposition CHP 28.7 and ultra nationalist MHP 14.4 percent.