Regime forces torture detainees following Mahabad uprising

DİHA – Protesters arrested in the actions that swept the city of Mahabad, Iran in the wake of the death of young Kurdish woman Ferinaz Xosrawanî have been released and report torture under custody. Approximately 200 protesters are still detained.

Ferinaz Xosrawanî was working in the Tara Hotel in the city of Mahabad, in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran), when an Iranian intelligence officer attempted to rape her. Ferinaz fled out the balcony, falling to her death in an attempt to escape. In the wake of her death, the city erupted in protest. Protestors burned the Tara Hotel in the protests, which lasted for several days starting May 8.

The families of the detainees who have been recently released say they were held under poor conditions in the prisons and have torture scars on their bodies. Because Mahabad Prison was quickly filled to capacity, groups of prisoners were transferred to prisons in the cities of Urmia and Naqadeh, according to families.

Some of the detainnes are as follows: Omîd Kerîmî, Kawa Inayetî, Enver Ebubekiri, Brayime Sur, Fuad Xaki, Emir Piruti, Tahir Rostemi, Rıza Rizazade, Armin Housseinpoor, Yunus Melek, Mustefa Beytuşi, Hêmin Merufi, Faiq Emini, Mame Xale, Vesta İrec, Sehola Zobeyri, Sefa Hesenpur, Kamil Resulpur, also İdris and Celal whose surnames could not be learnt yet.

Political prisoner exiled

Meanwhile, Kurdish political prisoner Mensur Arwend, from Mahabad, was exiled from Mahabad Prison to Miyandwaw Prison after the protests in the city.