Syrian forces lose the last border crossing with Iraq, YPG seizes 4 villages around the town of Tal Tamir

KDN – IS militants have seized the border crossing of al- Tanaf with Iraq in the Syrian Desert after withdrawal of the Syrian regime forces, monitoring group said on Thursday.

With the loss of Al Tanaf, the Syrian regime forces have lost the last border crossing with Iraq and ISIS fighters are now in total control of the areas. Earlier IS seized al- Bokamal crossing in the countryside of Deir Ezzor that links the Syrian city of al- Bokamal with the Iraqi city of al- Qaem while YPG seized al- Yaroubiya crossing in al- Hasakah that links the Syrian town of al- Yaroubiya with the Iraqi town of Rabiya.

SOHR also added that the Kurdish YPG, backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army and the Syriac Military Council, have taken control of two Assyrian villages of Tal Shamira and Tal Nasri as well as two other villages at least around the town of Tal Tamir after violent clashes with IS.

Kurdish forces have been on the offensive in Kobane, Serekaniye and Hasakah province inflicting heavy blows on ISIS.