KCK: Attacks against HDP are result of AKP’s policies

The leader of Kurdistan Workers' Party Cemil Bayik

Behdinan (ANF) – KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency said that the AKP government, portraying HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) as a dangerous enemy, was responsible for yesterday’s attacks against the party offices in Adana and Mersin. Highlighting the dangers of recent AKP policies, KCK called on those living in Turkey to show solidarity and stop AKP provocations by voting for HDP.

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on yesterday’s attacks against HDP in Adana and Mersin. Stating that the months-long attacks against HDP have entered a new stage and the offices in Adana and Mersin were bombed with an intent to kill, KCK condemned the attacks and wished the HDP members who were injured during the blasts a quick recovery.


In its statement, KCK emphasized that these attacks are not isolated events but a direct result of the AKP’s hostile and anti-HDP election campaign. Given the AKP’s hostile discourse, KCK suspected worse attacks to be organized until the elections, and highlighted AKP officials’ provocative statements that foster prejudices, enmity, and a discourse that has never been employed against the Kurdish movement historically. KCK called on Kurds and other minority groups to remain calm and alert in the face of such attacks, and argued that this is the main reason why there is not an increased social conflict in Turkey today.

KCK pointed out that if other parties employed strategies similar to today’s AKP election campaign, Turkish courts would investigate them for “inciting a civil war by agitating religious beliefs and ethnic roots.” However, such strategies have become common during AKP rule, it added.

Pointing to President Erdoğan’s recent remarks refusing the existence of the Kurdish issue and labeling anyone who speaks of this issue as a separatist, KCK stressed that such discourses have been employed against Kurds for decades now and AKP continues this provocative tradition today even more intensely by singling out HDP.

Remarking that the AKP government is responsible for these attacks, whether they are perpetrated by it itself or its intelligence units, KCK said this is why the government failed to criticize these attacks until recently. KCK also recalled the fact that government officials condemned the attacks only when their silence was publicly criticized.

Pointing out that in response, HDP group deputy chairperson Pervin Buldan asked the government to change its hostile discourse instead of releasing a condemnation message, KCK added that they agree with Buldan and called on AKP representatives to stop their provocations.


In its statement, KCK criticized the AKP government’s anti-democratic mentality seeking to transform Turkey into a one-party state run only by AKP. According to KCK, the government intervened the election campaign on seeing that HDP will enter the parliament after the upcoming elections and thus aimed to prevent AKP from establishing an authoritarian one-party state by making the necessary constitutional changes.

“AKP’s hostility towards the HDP aims to ensure an AKP victory and reflects AKP’s refusal to weaken through elections”, KCK said, underlining that this mentality has made AKP the most dangerous political party in Turkey.


KCK called on AKP to consider the interests and prospects of entire Turkey, not only AKP, and accept HDP’s upcoming electoral success. KCK also pointed out that preventing the HDP from entering the parliament and creating tensions with the Kurdish people is not in the interests of the Turkish people or those of the AKP.

Accordingly, AKP should respect and even encourage HDP’s electoral success and the union of Kurdish people with other peoples in Turkey. Lastly, KCK added that every Turkish citizen should resist the AKP’s dangerous politics and ensure HDP’s electoral victory, which will in turn strengthen democracy in Turkey and serve as a beacon of hope and freedom for all peoples in the Middle East.