KCK: AKP responsible for the attacks against Kurdish HDP

The leader of Kurdistan Workers' Party Cemil Bayik

Behdinan (ANF) – KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency said in statement that the AKP government and its spokesmen were responsible for the countrywide attacks against Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party).

KCK recalled that the June 7 general elections would change the political history of Turkey and initiated a process in which it will get either more democratic or more authoritarian. “HDP’s success will be a move for democratization, while on the other a failure to hinder the progress of AKP will manifest itself as authoritarianism inside, and war outside”, KCK underlined.

‘Deep state forces and AKP government took action’

KCK pointed out that deep state forces and AKP government have taken action on seeing that the HDP, as it grows more and more every day, will radically change the politics, social and cultural life in Turkey, and make a policy of peace and stability dominant over inside and outside.

KCK recalled that dozens of HDP members have been injured in over 60 attacks against HDP election offices so far since the election campaign began.

The statement also reminded that most recently, two HDP supporters were wounded as a result of an armed attack following Friday prayer in Sultangazi, while another HDP group was attacked while opening an election office in Saray district of Tekirdağ where a group of assailants brutally attacked and damaged the office, also threatening the people inside as police didn’t disperse them and tried to take the HDP members outside instead.

KCK underlined that the government has taken no measures to ensure election safety despite the increasingly ongoing attacks on HDP’s election campaign for weeks now, while the Ministries of Interior and Justice took no single step to stop the attacks. KCK also noted that other political parties took the attacks on HDP normally and voiced no objection, with which they have once again proved themselves to be system parties against democracy and Kurds.

HDP Silifke attack

‘AKP government and spokesmen responsible for the attacks’

KCK remarked that the AKP government and its spokesmen that insulted HDP like an occupant force were responsible for the attacks against the party offices, adding; “These attacks are provoked by those who are every day saying how dangerous HDP is for Turkey, and that it would be great to leave it under the threshold.”

KCK also noted that the AKP government, its spokesmen and minions spread propaganda that accused the HDP of putting pressure on voters in order to cover the unprecedentedly anti-democratic election campaign they are running. “It is understood that the AKP government and intelligence agencies affiliated to it are conducting such perception operations in order to justify and cover up the attacks against HDP. The AKP is waging a dirty attack to keep the HDP under 10 percent election threshold. All the attacks are being carried out by those serving this purpose, i.e. the AKP and the deep state in collaboration.”

Remarking that the AKP government and spokesmen responsible for these attacks have so far called on PKK to leave armed struggle, KCK said; “This election campaign has revealed the AKP’s sense of democratic politics, and the lack of opportunities for democratic politics in Turkey. The mindset, policy, remarks and practices of the AKP government is the present version of the century-long sense of ruling that created the Kurdish question and condemned Turkey to a conflict environment. This mindset doesn’t resolve the problems, it on the contrary makes the tensions constant. In this political environment where HDP is confronting a dirty policy and attacks at this level, it is not possible to democratize Turkey, nor to come up with a solution to the Kurdish question”.

‘Everyone should advocate HDP’

“There can be made no mention of a fair, equal and democratic election process while HDP is facing attacks across Turkey every day”, KCK said, and called on all democratic circles, intellectuals and people with conscience to see these attacks against HDP and adopt an attitude against the AKP government which bears the responsibility for the attacks that are actually targeting the fraternity, solidarity and democratic unity of the peoples in Turkey.

“Everyone should advocate HDP in order for the achievement of fraternity of peoples and the democratic unity of Turkey, and bring an end to this anti-democratic mindset on 7 June. This will enable the creation of a new Turkey with a political environment of true democracy and democratic politics on the basis of resolution of Kurdish question”, KCK added.