The ISIS’s next caliph killed by coalition airstrikes in Mosul

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KDN – Iraq’s Defense Ministry claimed that ISIS’ second in command has been killed by coalition airstrikes in Tal Afar northwest of Mosul .

According to the statement, published by Iraqi Defense Ministry on Wednesday, said that US-led coalition airstrikes have successfully killed the Islamic State’s second man in command, Abu Al-Afari, in the Ayazia district of Tal Afar, along with many other leaders and fighters of the group in the area.

Iraqi General Tahsin Ibrahim also told BBC that Afari was killed alongside dozens of militants who he had been meeting at the al-Shuhada (Martyrs) mosque in the village of al-Iyadhiya, near Tal Afar, where he was reportedly a well-known preacher.

To confirm its claims Defense Ministry published a video purportedly showing the strike without specifying when it took place.

Afari was one of four leaders the Islamic State had chosen to become the next caliph after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death.