AKP’s support for ISIS documented by Turkish court

ANF – Striking statements made by 4 prosecutors and a military officer arrested for halting and investigating trucks belonging to MIT (Turkish intelligence) in Adana and Hatay last year have emerged. Turkish prosecutor Aziz Takçı, in a defence he made in a court in Adana last week, admitted that the Turkish state had supported ISIS. The prosecutor also said the Turkish intelligence service, MIT, had had a role in the explosion in Reyhanlı on 11 May 2013 in which 52 people died.

The fact that the Turkish state has supported the brutal ISIS organisation has now been documented by a Turkish court. Prosecutor Aziz Takçı revealed the state’s links with ISIS gangs in a defence he made in the Adana no. 2 Serious Criminal Court on 7 May. Prosecutor Takçı, who stopped trucks laden with weapons bound for gangs in Syria last year in Adana, said he had seen 155 calibre shells, anti-aircraft guns and ammunition of various sizes in the trucks.

The prosecutor said the halted vehicles were registered in the name of a person sought over links to Al Qaeda.

‘The trucks were full of shells and ammunition for anti-aircraft guns’

In his defence the prosecutor said the following: “In the incident on 1st January 2014 I authorised a search of the vehicles, but this did not take place as persons who arrived in a vehicle at the scene claiming to be from MIT refused to show IDs to the police. This is what the police told me. When I investigated the number plate of this vehicle I found it was registered in the name of a person who had previously been arrested on suspicion of links to Al Qaeda. If you’ve looked at the file you will have seen that I know a lot more than this.”

‘It belonged to MIT’

“I went and looked at the materials. I confirmed that the vehicle was full of weapons and ammunition. I saw 155 calibre shells, anti-aircraft guns and ammunition of various sizes. He added: “‘This truck belongs to the MIT. The document said don’t search this vehicle or something like that. What I did was what any state prosecutor would do in the circumstances.”

Prosecutor Takçı said that the MIT had also had a role in the bomb explosion in Reyhanlı two years ago in which 52 people died.