Hungarian Prime Minister Orban meets Barzani, supports Kurdish independence

Kurdish leader Barzani meets Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest

Budapest (KDN) – Hungray’s Prime Minister Victor Orban said his government supports nations striving for independence, including the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, which he said can play an important role in the Middle East.

“The Kurdistan region has all necessary means and basic criteria to declare independence and can become an effective pary of international community,” Orban said on Monday during a joint press conference with the president of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani.

“Even though the Kurds have not a country, they are fighting on behalf of the world.” Orban added.

Kurdish leader arrived in Hungary’s capital Budapest from Washington, where he met President Barack Obama and held talks with senior US officials in Washington.

In Hungary, Orban was quick to point out the longstanding ties between Budapest and Erbil.

Hungarian oil giant MOL Oil is one of the biggest international investors operating in Kurdistan region.

“The Kurds have always been thankful for our military assistance and the Hungarians reiterate their love and respect for the Kurdish efforts for independence” Hungarian prime minister said.

After his Hungary program, Barzani will be heading for talks with Czech Republic’s leaders in Prague.