International Kurdish Women’s Movement condemns the killing of Ferinaz Xosrwani and calls for action

ANF – International Kurdish Women’s Movement has condemned the Iranian regime in a statement regarding yesterday’s suicide of a Kurdish woman committed to save herself from being raped by members of Itlaat (Iranian intelligence). The Movement called on women to protest against the Iranian regime.

Reactions against the rape attempt by the Iranian Intelligence Agency (Itlaat) members against a Kurdish woman, who jumped to save herself from the 4th floor of the Tara Hotel where she worked in the city of Mahabad in East Kurdistan, continue.

International Kurdish Women’s Movement condemned the attack on the Kurdish woman, Ferinaz Xosrwani, in a written statement and said: “The rape culture which systematises the exploitation of women’s bodies in the male dominant system is pursued by the Intelligence agents of the Iranian dictatorial regime in the Middle East”.

Recalling the situation of Zeynep Celaliyan whose health condition is worsening in prison, the statement stressed that the Kurdish Women’s Movement closely follows the repressive policies of the Iranian regime against Kurdish politicians and Kurdish female prisoners.

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The statement said that in the last incident, the victim is again a woman and a Kurd, and that the Iranian regime pursues policies to eliminate the identity and the will of the Kurdish people.

The Movement said that the women are being detained in Iran for their political ideas, being executed, tortured and put on trial according to the Sharia laws in Iran. The statement stressed that the Kurdish women’s movement has always struggled against these policies by organizing campaigns and will continue to struggle against the rape culture, adding that the attack of the officers of the Iranian regime on the body of a woman is at the same time an ideological attack against the women’s revolution developing in the Middle East. The statement further emphasized that these attacks on women are doomed to be failed by the rise of women’s struggle, as has also been proved by the angry reaction displayed by the people.

The statement of the International Kurdish Women’s Movement ended by calling on all women to step up the struggle against the male dominant system and to support the struggle of the Kurdish women who resist against it.