The coming Kurdish spring in Iran

Kurds protest the killing of a Kurdish girl by Iranian regime

Kurds mobilize en masse to protest the Iranian regime attempting to rape a young girl and then forcing her to jump to her death from the fourth floor of a hotel in order to escape being raped.

As we speak in Mahabadad, Iran, a large demonstration is taking place in front of Hotel Tara in order to protest the brutal murder of a Kurdish girl who had managed to escape being raped by an Iranian intelligence agent by jumping from the fourth floor of the hotel. She died immediately afterwards. According to reports from the Iranian Kurdish opposition, the hotel owner is alleged to be an accomplice in the murder.

Kurds protest in Mahabad/East Kurdistan-Iran
Kurds protest in Mahabad/East Kurdistan-Iran

According to the report, the young Kurdish girl was working in the hotel. The owner of the hotel had lured the girl into the hotel room in order to be sexually exploited by this Iranian government agent so that the hotel can receive a 5 star rating. She jumped out of the window of that hotel room to her death in order to escape from being raped.

“The people of Mahabadad have been calling for a full investigation into the murder,” Salah Bayyazidi, the US representative of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, told JerusalemOnline. “They organized a protest in front of the hotel and set the hotel ablaze. Special riot forces were called to the scene of the demonstration and there are rumors that live ammunition was fired into the crowd.” There are reports of dead and injured from this Kurdish demonstration in Iran.


“The Kurdish city of Mahabadad is under the verge of a new uprising,” he proclaimed. “News comes that the Kurdish cities in Iran are going to support the people of Mahabadad. It might get worse. There might be a Kurdish spring in Iran. The regime is so brutal and will not hesitate to kill many. Therefore, the international community should defend the Kurds in Iran against the brutality of this Islamist regime.”

Source: Jerusalem Online – Rachel Avraham