Pro-Kurdish HDP offices attacked across Turkey

The pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) is facing further attacks across Turkey as Turkey’s president Erdogan and and his premier Davutoglu continue targeting it during their election campaign.

An election office and an election vehicle of the HDP were attacked in Mamak district of Turkish capital Ankara last night.

A group of some 200 assailants attacked the HDP election office at Zerdali Tepe in Mamak at the closing time of the office last night. The group broke the windows of the office and chanted slogans insulting the Kurds, shouting Allahuekber.

On the other hand, a group also targeted an election vehicle of the HDP outside the election office in Tek Mezar neighborhood of Mamak last night. Assailants broke the windows of the car and greatly damaged it.

Another incident happened in the Kurdish majority city of Elazig. A woman election office of HDP was attacked by ISIS supporters and ultra nationalist Turks yesterday night.