YPG: 497 ISIS terrorists killed in April across Rojava

An ISIS tank seized by Kurdish forces

KDN – YPG (People’s Defense Forces) Media Center has released the balance-sheet of the ongoing battle against ISIS terrorists in Rojava for April.

The YPG report claimed that 497 members of ISIS were killed in 45 different operations and counter attacks against radical Islamic groups during April.

According to the balance sheet of YPG Media Center the results of the battle are as follows;

Operations and actions by YPG: 45

Contact and clashes: 33

Attacks, operations and clashes with unverified results: 16

Suicide attacks by terrorist groups with explosive-laden vehicles: 10

Gang members killed: 497

Bodies of gangs seized: 160

ISIS members captured alive captive: 4

Vehicles and arms-military ammunition destroyed: 22 vehicles, 1 Dushka anti-aircraft machine gun, 1 Tireks (mini dozer), 2 motorcycles, 5 bomb-laden vehicles

YPG/YPJ fighters martyred in fighting: 62

YPG Media Center added that Kurdish Defense forces also seized a large quantity of ammunition from ISIS and other groups.