Turkish soldiers kill 8 more mules in Roboski

Mules shot dead by Turkish soldiers in Roboski

Roboski (ANF) – On 28 December 2011, Turkish army launched airstrikes on a crowded group of Kurdish civilians involved in border trade, killing 34 civilians, mostly children, in Roboski village in Uludere (Qileban) district of Şırnak. The villagers continue facing an increasing attack and intervention by Turkish soldiers who have recently killed dozens of mules the villagers were using in border trade to earn their lives.

The apparently deliberate killing of mules continues despite strong reaction and protests by local people.

Soldiers deployed at Şirit Upland have killed 8 more mules on the grounds that villagers used them in border trade, raising the total number of mules they killed in the border region in the last two months to 40.

A number of inhabitants of Roboski have recently moved to Şirit Upland 8km away from the village, to protect themselves from the repression of the Turkish soldiers and the military activity around the village.

On the other hand, it is reported that soldiers deployed at Beyaz Tepe guard post opened harassment fire on areas where HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrillas are positioned at the border to South Kurdistan.

It has been learned that the fire of the soldiers remained unanswered.