PKK: Agri operation was a planned raid against its fighters

A female PKK fighter in the Qandil mountains

KDN – HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press and Communication Centre has released a statement about yesterday’s operation of the Turkish army against PKK fighters on Mountain Tendürek in northern Kurdistan.

HPG said that the operation of the Turkish army in Tendürek Mountain was a planned raid and that it was the Turkish soldiers that opened the first fire.

HPG reported that the Turkish army launched the operation with air-support around Mount Tendürek near Diyadin district of Agri province during the night of of 10 April. “In the operation, which was carried out in the manner of a pinpoint raid, a clash erupted after the Turkish military opened the first fire at 3 am on 11 April. Canfeda Serhat (Serhat Kızılay) who bravely fought in this clash was martyred while one other guerrilla was wounded.”

According to the statement, guerrillas mounted strong resistance as part of fair self-defense against the attack, leaving 5 soldiers of the Turkish army dead and 7 others wounded. Clashes in which the initiative was taken by the guerrillas lasted till the evening while the Turkish army reclaimed the casualties and arms on the ground after putting the civilians between the two sides.

A detailed statement will be published by HGP Central Headquarter based in Kandil the report said.