KCK responds to yesterday’s operation: Turkey playing with fire

Qandil (ANF) – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) has released a statement about the operation conducted by Turkish military against PKK fighters around Mount Tendürek in Kurdish Agri province yesterday.

The statement recalled that former co-chair of HDP Diyadin branch, Cezmi Budak, has lost his life and many others were wounded as Turkish soldiers opened fire on civilians who acted as human shield to end the operation and to avoid clashes and casualties.

KCK commemorated democracy and freedom martyr Cezmi Budak with respect and gratefulness, vowing to keep his memory alive by realizing the dream of free Kurdistan.

“When looking at the recent statements of Erdoğan and AKP officials, it would be seen easily that they are in preparation for operations and provocations”, KCK said, stressing that the AKP government tried to suppress the democracy powers by sharpening their authoritarian and monist mentality.

KCK pointed out that the recent pre-election surveys has caused a great unrest and fear for Erdoğan and the AKP which -it added- were becoming more aggressive for seeing their fall in the face of the unstoppable rise of the HDP before the people.

KCK stated that in order to implement the presidential system in Turkey, the AKP would do anything, including all kinds of provocation, to prevent further loss of power and disintegration among themselves.

The KCK statement put emphasis that; “Erdoğan tells that the Turkish military clashed with 25 guerrillas in Tendürek, despite the fact that thousands of Turkish soldiers were dispatched to the region against a small unit of guerrillas with the support of technical devices, war and reconnaissance planes. With the AKP insistingly wanting to start a new process of conflict, Yalçın Akdoğan’s (Deputy Prime Minister) remarks that “who plays with fire ends up burning himself” mean nothing other than mongering war.”

According to KCK, the AKP government has so far avoided negotiations and establishment of a monitoring committee, and also failed to display will and honesty for a resolution, with an aim to undisclose its operations, provocations and attacks.

“We are warning Yalçın Akdoğan and the AKP that they will end up finishing and burning themselves if they keep playing with fire. While we are acting with a responsibility in pursuant of the ceasefire process, the Turkish state continues its military activities with war and reconnaissance planes over guerrilla areas, as well as heavy weaponry and artillery attacks, which will be answered with retaliation in kind on the basis of fair self-defense”, KCK underlined.

KCK stated that the AKP government which threatened and suppressed the people in advance of the elections and tried to accomplish a result through bribery and capital power, should now give an end to demagogy and propaganda it was spreading through lies and perception-creation.

“The people of Kurdistan and democracy powers of Turkey didn’t hesitate in determining their choice for a democratic and free life even in the periods that witnessed the harshest conditions under military occupation and cultural genocide. These elections are crucial for a democratic Turkey and free Kurdistan. Our peoples will resist, get organized and work with this consciousness and accomplish a remarkable achievement in the election.”

KCK ended its statement by offering condolences to Cezmi Budak’s family and Kurdistan people, and calling on the Kurdish people to bid farewell to the democracy and freedom martyr Budak in hundreds of thousands.