Prof. Cavalli: YPG will ensure liberation of peoples in the Middle East

Prof. DR. Franco Cavalli, the head of the UICC, a Switzerland-based International organisation committed to fighting cancer worldwide, said the YPG and YPJ were the only forces fighting the obscurantists attempting to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. Cavalli said: “Only the Kurds in Rojava are constructing an alternative system, which should be supported.”

Prof. Dr. Franco Cavalli, the head of the UICC, which has its HQ in Geneva, is also known as a socialist politician who has supported efforts to establish socialism in Cuba and Venezuela, and is also a doctor who treated Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

‘21,000 francs collected for Kobanê and campaign will continue’

In an interview with ANF, Cavalli said he had had a long interest in the Kurdish struggle, adding that the Kurds were now going through a historic period, as they were the only force combatting ISIS. He added that since January a campaign in the Ticino Canton of Switzerland involving 40 doctors had raised over twenty thousand Swiss Francs, and that this campaign would continue.

Cavalli criticised the policies of the USA in the region, saying that only the Kurds had a project offering coexistence of peoples in the Middle East. “America bombing ISIS from the skies does not liberate the peoples,” he added.

‘The struggle of the YPG and YPJ is like resistance to Hitler and Mussolini’

Cavalli said the struggle of the YPG and YPJ against ISIS was similar to that waged in the mountains by socialists to Hitler and Mussolini during WWII. He added that this struggle should be appreciated, as it offered an alternative vision to the people of the region.

‘Rojava is only alternative model in the Middle East’

Cavalli said the system established by the Kurds in Rojava was the only alternative to the reactionary, feudal Arab regimes and Zionist system backed by Western powers. “The struggle of Kurdish women is an unprecedented one in the Middle East, and will change the destiny of women in the region,” he added.

Cavalli said that with the resistance in Kobanê the Kurdish struggle had for the first time received worldwide attention, with the silence of the Western powers towards the Kurds being broken. He added that it was only the Kurds who were defending Western values against ISIS terrorism. “The Kurds will present their system and freedom to the peoples of the Middle East,” he said, adding that he would like to meet Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. “Years ago I had the opportunity to go to Imrali, but was unable to go because I was in Latin America. I hope another opportunity will be created,” he said.