Italian city signs friendship agreement with Kurdish cantons in Rojava

Empoli (ANF) – The municipality of Empoli in Italy has signed a friendship agreement with the canton of Kobanê, which was liberated by a historic resistance against ISIS.

The city council of Empoli gathered for a special session to discuss signing a friendship treaty with the autonomous cantons of Rojava. The signing of the agreement was accepted unanimously. The city council then issued a statement about the agreement and said the Kurdish autonomous regions have become the symbol of resistance against the barbaric ISIS gangs as well as setting an example of direct democracy.

The statement said it is important to build solidarity with the Kurdish cantons and added that Kobanê has demonstrated to the whole world through a historic resistance that Rojava is de facto an autonomous region.

The statement of the council stressed the importance of direct democracy and self-rule of the people, adding that they will develop a solidarity and exchange experience between the two societies.

The city government of Empoli will first send a delegation to Kobanê where the documents will jointly be signed.

The city council further called on the Italian government to recognise officially the democratic and autonomous administrations of Rojava and to work with the international community and agencies for the recognition of the right to self-determination of the Kurdish people.

The city government of Empoli also signed a friendship agreement in 1998 with the Chiapas autonomous region where the Zapatistas struggled for liberation.