Kurdish special forces arrive in Hasakah following deadly suicide attacks by ISIS terrorists. Photo: Asayish

DIRBÊSIYÊ – Jack is a fighter of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and is from Britain. He is known in the YPG with his nom de guerre Şoreş, which means revolution in Kurdish. He did not disclose his surname and the city he comes from. Jack is fighting now in ranks of the People’s Defense Units, which he described as fighting for humanity, which led him to fight alongside these units.

When Jack arrived he first wanted to see People’s Defense Units in order to join the ranks. After being a member of the YPG, he received military training courses lasting a month and then went to the Tel Tamer at his request.

Regarding the reason for his departure to Rojava Jack said “I was following the events happening in Rojava and read news online for nearly two years, the terrorist attacks on the Rojavan people and the abuses that were committed against them, so I decided to go to Rojava and defend the people”.

Jack said that what attracted his attention to these units was that they are not only fighting for the protection or defence of Kurdish people. He continued by saying “These units fight for all the components of Rojava and for humanity. This what prompted me more to fight within YPG’s ranks, in order to face ISIS gang members that want to darken the world”.

Jack indicated that after joining the ranks of the People’s Defense Units he witnessed the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation between the fighters as well as the presence of all the components and ethnicities of Rojava uniting without discrimination.

Jack stressed that what attracted his attention on the battlefield is the participation of Women’s Defense Units fighters on the front lines against ISIS and their desire to respond to ISIS attacks to defend their land.

Jack participated in the defence of the villages in Tel Tamer and the nearby countryside, and was shot in his hand earlier this month. He returned to the battlefront when his wound healed.

He noted during his interveiw that he reads books by the Kurdish and PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan who he said has a ‘great philosophy’.

Jack concluded by saying that there is an international silence about the attacks and massacres perpetrated by ISIS gang members against the people of the region and stressed that the international community should provide support and assistance to peoples of the Middle East and the people of Rojava in particular.