YPG: At Least 2950 IS Militants Killed in Kobani

The latest causality figures from the besieged Kurdish city of Kobani have been released by the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

On Monday morning the YPG revealed that more than 2,900 IS militants have been killed since the group began its assault on the city in September.

“As a result of the recent fighting in Kobani, 2,951 IS militants have been killed,” said the YPG in a statement received by BasNews.

The group also reported that since fighting started in the city, they have confiscated a significant number of IS military vehicles along with weapons and ammunition.

The statement said that the YPG has lost more than 250 fighters during the intensive fight to defend the city.

“Since clashes started 263 YPG fighters have sacrificed their lives to protect Kobani and our soldiers continue to battle Islamic State neighborhood by neighborhood inside the city,” said a statement from YPG.

Islamic State attacked the city of Kobani close to the Turkish border in mid September, resulting in the vast majority of residents fleeing to Turkey, from where thousands moved to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Since then, Kurdish fighters of the YPG and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have prevented the city from falling under the control of the extremist group.

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