Ocalan praises Yezidi resistance against Islamist attacks

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—The leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party Abdullah Ocalan has praised the Yezidi community for their resistance in the face of Islamist attacks “to erase their faith and culture.”

“Our Yezidi society hold great and genuine Kurdish values and they have defended their faith against all threats,” the PKK leader said in a letter sent out from his prison cell in Turkey. “The Yezidis are facing the biggest attack.”

Ocalan said to stand against the policy of genocide and denial against the Kurdish people, “The Kurds must defend their culture, beliefs and identity,”

“This is essential for freedom and it has been revived today,” he said in a letter published in his party media outlets.

The PKK leader writes that the enslavement and selling of Yezidi women is an attack on the Yezidi belief system and what they hold sacred.

“I send my greetings to the Yezidi women, those whose bravery I have personally witnessed,” his letter read. “I would say once again that I salute their strong position against this genocide.”

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