Germany joins International coalition on the ground

German instructor seen with a Peshmerga group during a training session in Kurdistan

Berlin – Beside its training mission in Kurdistan, Germany has decided to send more experts to join International coalition operating on the ground in Kuwait and Iraq, Der Spiegel reports.

Following lengthy discussions between Ministry of Defense and German army, Ursula von der Leyen agreed to send more troops to Iraq to assist International Coalition. According to Spiegel, the new bill is due to be discussed by the cabinet next week before it is voted on in Bundestag for final authorization. The number of German troops to join the International coalition will be limited to 100 Der Spiegel claimed.

Germany has already sent weapons and ammunition to the Kurds fighting ISIS and involved in training of Kurdish forces in northern Iraq. After they complete their mission in Kurdistan, the Bundeswehr troops will also move to Baghdad to train Iraqi forces as well. However, Germany will not participate in combat mission against ISIS which has been ruled out earlier.