The Kurds wait for Kurdish but Erdogan offers Ottoman language

Kurdish Daily News

While the Kurds wait for Kurdish language to be introduced into education system in Turkey, Sultan Erdogan decided to offer mandatory Ottoman language classes in high schools (a mixture of Persian, Arabic) which is almost extinct and Islamic religion classes in primary schools.

“Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has waded into the heated debate over the possible inclusion of Ottoman language classes in the high school curriculum, vowing that the classes will be introduced “no matter what they say.” Hurriyet daily news reports.

Speaking at the 5th Religion Council hosted by the Directorate General of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) in Ankara today, Erdogan said, “There are those who don’t want Ottoman language to be learned and taught. This is a very big danger”

“Whether they want it or not, Ottoman language will be learned and taught in this country,” he pledged.

According to decisions taken by Turkey’s National Education Council, which closed its annual meeting over the weekend, Ottoman language classes will be compulsory for imam-hatip religious vocational high schools and elective for other high schools.

Erdogan believes a return to Ottoman language will eliminate sectarian lines in his country and his people will learn realities. They say, ‘Will we teach children how to read gravestones?’ But a history and a civilization is lying on those gravestones,” Erdoğan said.
Erdogan and his AKP’s enthusiasm for religion and Ottoman language classes is read as part of his Neo-Ottoman and Pan Islam dreams by experts.