Former MP beaten up by Erdogan’s supporters in Istanbul

Former member of Turkish Parliament from Erdogan’s AKP Feyzi Isbasaran was arrested by police and beaten up by Erdogan’s supporters in Istanbul after he criticized Erdogan on his twitter account.

Istanbul police raided a hotel in central Istanbul near Taksim square and arrested Isbasaran. He was later taken to Taksim police station for alleged accusations of criticizing Erdogan. Erdogan’s supporters followed him reportedly to the police station then to the court building where he was questioned by prosecutors. Isbaran was beaten up by Erdogan’s loyalists while entering court building escorted by dozens of police officers.

Isbasaran was an adviser to former President of Turkey Turgut Özal who died suspiciously in 1993 while in office. In an interview in 2012 Isbasaran claimed that Özal was killed by those in the military who didn’t want him to solve the Kurdish question.

Erdoğan'ı eleştiren vekile önce gözaltı sonra… by imctv

Video Credit: IMC TV