Kobane Report of November 30, 2014 by YPG Press Center

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People’s Defense Units (YPG) – Media Center

KOBANI, Rojava, Nov. 30, 2014 – The attacks by the ISIS terrorists to occupy Kobani continued on the 76th day. The terrorists who attacked yesterday from the Turkish side of the Mursitpinar border crossing and the eastern front have been effectively defeated. Our forces of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) were able to inflict severe blows to the terrorists, and have initiated a major campaign against the terrorists in the south of Kobani. Our forces have managed to push back the terrorists to an area where Kobani hospital is located in the far south Kobani, while our forces have liberated Botana Rojhilat neighborhood there.

The terrorist groups used the Turkish border yesterday morning to carry out their attacks on the Mursitpinar border crossing and on the wheat silos. The battle after these attacks lasted continuously until the night. The terrorists carried out 4 suicide attacks from the Turkish side where an armored VBIED and two suicide attackers were used near the border gate, as another VBIED was deployed near the wheat silos.

After these attacks, our forces intervened against the terrorists who carried out the offensive from the north of the border. Our forces battled the terrorists inside the Turkish borders until the evening hours where they managed to push back the terrorist groups from the border gate and the wheat silos. The area on the eastern side of the wheat silos were also cleansed of the terrorists. More than 35 terrorists retreated within 2 kilometers towards Turkish territory due to our forces’ operation, and again were headed to Kobani. After cleansing the area of the terrorists and having the initiative, our forces returned to their duty positions in Kobane at 1 am.

• In this region the terrorists’ attacks were repelled, 15 terrorists were killed, and a number of weapons were captured by our forces. Five bodies were remained on the battlefield. In the aftermath of the explosions and the following battles, eleven of the YPG fighters, a combatant of the Shams al-Shumal battalion, a member of the security forces Asayish, and 3 civilians were martyred.

In the meantime, the terrorist groups attempted to carry out several attacks on Sukul Hal area, the municipality street, and the Azadi (Freedom) square on the south-eastern front of Kobani. Near the Azadi sq. the terrorists’ attempt to carry out a VBIED attack was foiled by our forces where 12 terrorists were confirmed to be killed in the battles.

In an operation conducted by our forces on the night of Nov. 29th which lasted 24 hours, the terrorists’ defensive lines in the southern front of Kobani were destroyed, and the terrorists were pushed back to the outer borders of the city. Our forces have liberated the Botana Rojhilat (Eastern Botan) neighborhood. The terrorists attempted to halt our forces’ advance by deploying two more VBIEDs, but they failed to do so. Three tanks that were deployed by the terrorists in this area were destroyed. A motorcycle of the terrorists was targeted and destroyed on the road to Tarmik village.

• During this military campaign on the southern front, in the Botana Rojhilat neighborhood 47 terrorists were killed, 3 others were injured, and a number of weapons were captured by our forces.
Our forces carried out a number of operations on the western front, in the Izea, Mazra Arbush, and Mimat villages. For these operations 9 terrorists were confirmed to be killed.

In the battles of the last 24 hours, according to what has been confirmed in total, 83 terrorists were killed.