Meet the displaced mothers struggling to keep their families alive

Sofia Barbarani – Telegraph

Damp clothes, bitterly cold nights, concrete ‘sofas’ and no roof over their heads. Hundreds of displaced mothers are battling the harsh Iraqi elements to keep their families warm as winter approaches.
Natalia has osteoarthritis. She developed the condition after hand-washing her family’s clothing for hours each day, in freezing cold water.
The 29-year-old rubs her shoulder and winces.
“It takes three to four days for them to dry,” she explains. Her own children are often forced to wear damp clothes.
“All three of them have coughs because of it. But that’s not the only reason, there are so many problems. It’s the cold, the lack of food, the place we live in,” she says.
Natalia is one of the many displaced mothers faced with the struggle of keeping their children healthy and their families fed throughout Iraqi Kurdistan’s bitter winter.

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