Kurdish forces make further gains against ISIS gangs in Kobane

Kurdish Daily News

Kurdish YPG and YPJ forces claimed more ground from ISIS in latest clashes in and around Kobane. According to YPG’s press statement of today, Kurdish fighters repulsed ISIS attacks on all fronts and inflicted heavy loses on ISIS that has been trying to overrun Kurdish city of Kobane since mid September. With the US led coalition air support Kurds made significant gains in eastern, southern and western fronts.
“In eastern front the clashes continued all night long and our forces retook control of some ISIS positions near Resat Mosque and around Municipal building and killed 7 ISIS militants. In southern front after recapturing the important supply route from Raqqa to Tel Abyad, our forces succeeded to push back ISIS fighters and reclaim some ground. In western front the clashes continued around Mineza and Izea villages and 5 ISIS members were killed by our forces”. Press statement also confirmed that two Kurdish fighters lost their lives during the last offensive.