Not Dr. Bahoz Erdal but Al-Baghdadi is dead

Former head of HPG Dr. Bahoz Erdal

Kurdish Daily News

While reports claim that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi severely wounded in a recent US airstrike in Iraq and may have been already dead, Turkey’s deputy prime minister and speaker of Davutoglu’s government Bülent Arinc wishes himself Dr. Bahoz Erdal’s death a leading commander in the PKK.
It has been a while that main stream media in Turkey has been circulating the news about the death of Erdal during a fight with ISIS in northern Syria.
When asked about the reports claiming Erdal’s death yesterday at a press briefing in Ankara Arinc said we have no confirmation of that. “I wish i had it to share with you but unfortunately our sources did not confirm yet and our investigation is going on” he said.
As a proof of his survival Dr. Bahoz Erdal posted a photo of himself and his successor Nurettin Sofi on his Twitter account. In his tweet Erdal wrote as follows. “I know that some of you will not be happy to see me still being alive. But i am here and alive”

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