Turkey digging new trenches on the border with Efrin

November 5, 2014
The Turkish state which is taking no measures at the borderline controlled by ISIS gangs is deepening the embargo at its borders with Rojava.

Turkish soldiers have this time started to dig a trench at the border between North-West Kurdistan.

According to the reports provided by local sources, the border between Efrîn and North Kurdistan is being fortified with a trench being dug next to the villages of Nesriyê and Hemame in Cindêrise district of Efrin. Turkish troops are also reported to be increasing their military force in the mentioned region.

The digging of the border trench is being carried out despite the efforts made by a delegation from the Efrîn Canton of Rojava, West Kurdistan, which held talks with Turkish authorities in Ankara for the opening of the border crossing on 31 October.

Two days ago, Turkish soldiers cutt off an ear of a man from the village of Dêrsiwanê in Shera district of Efrin canton at the Rojava-Bakur border. The man, Menan Hesen, was subjected to the attack of soldiers after crossing the border into North Kurdistan in order to meet his daily needs. Soldiers first tortured Hesen and then cut off his right ear.

While the Turkish military and state is still taking no precaution to hinder the crossing of ISIS gangs at the border with Jarablus and Tal Abyad, border crossings are enabled by the ISIS in the South and by the Turkish military in the North.

Firat News Agency

Source: http://www.kurdishinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/border-diggin-trench-efrin.jpg

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